Our 2015 CSA is now CLOSED.
Please check back for 2016 CSA information.  Thank you for your support.

Our CSA runs for sixteen weeks, July through October.  (Kick-off is the 1st Tuesday after July 4th). The CSA's purpose is to provide you, the consumer, with fresh fruit and vegetables right from the grower.  The benefit to the farmer is the CSA payment provides income for planting expenses in late winter and spring. 

A full selection of GMO Free vegetables and fruits will be offered from our farm.  Each week we pick and pack your share boxes with what is ripe and ready.  For your convenience, we offer a "Trade Table".  This gives you flexibility to change out something you may not want in your box.  (Ex:  You might want to trade a green pepper for a cucumber).

To print or view a list of our GMO Free fruit and vegetables for this season, click here. We incorporate products from other Harford County farms, such as cider, beef, and cheese.  We encourage our members to ask questions, walk the farm, or to just sit and relax at our picnic tables.

Andy's Eggs & Poultry NOW available to you monthly
- see application for details.

Share Choices and Pricing:
Standard Shares:
Wilson’s picks and packs the produce/fruit for you.  You will pick up your share on Tuesday.

Full Share Cost -$475.00 for 16 weeks  (2/3 of a brown grocery bag)

Half Share- 3 Options -

Option 1- Full share every other week (2/3 of a brown grocery bag). 
Cost $275.00

Option 2 – Half share (2/3 of a brown grocery bag) for 8 weeksYou must choose the first eight  
          weeks OR the last eight weeks.
Cost $275.00

Option 3 – Half Share Weekly (1/3 of a brown grocery bag) every week for 16 consecutive weeks.
Cost $300.00

Flexible Share :
This option allows you to come to our store any day of the week.  During our business hours, you select your choice of our fruit and produce and the other LOCAL products we carry. 

***Flexible Share is ONLY offered as a full share.

Flexible Share Cost:  $450.00 and Wilson’s give you an additional 10% Bonus.  Total Value:  $495.00

Why a 10% bonus?  Our CSA members receive more than paid for in their share boxes.  If you choose this option, we want you to have the same benefit.  You receive this as additional credit towards your fruit and produce choices for your CSA season.

The $450.00 CSA share credits can be used in any increments on the items listed below.  The extra 10% bonus is to be strictly used for Wilson’s Produce and Fruit. 

Your Local Producer Product Choices:

Wilson’s Fruit and/or Produce
Andy’s Eggs & Poultry
                             Apple Cider
                             Edible Pumpkins
Granova Poultry
Hickory Chance Beef Products
Deer Meadow Farm Pork Products
Keyes Creamery Cheeses and/or Ice Cream

Please refer to the application for futher information/details. 

If you have questions about our CSA, please email:  WilsonsFarmMarket@Verizon.net.
Please put CSA in the subject line.  Or for immediate response, call the store